The US Rengokai is born

The US Rengokai is borne! Created by 5 like minded practitioners of Okinawan Karate and Kobujitsu to establish a cohesive bond between traditional Okinawan martial artists. It is a platform for sharing and caring for each other and to provide an atmosphere of solidarity and camaraderie. It is a non-governing body with the desire and ability to acknowledge Senseis for their lifetime achievements in the arts and to bestow rank and titles (when necessary and appropriate). This is provided to the martial arts community without charge.  The US Rengokai is a central place to seek out like minded practitioners of all Okinawan styles. All founding board members of the US Rengokai have attained the rank of 10th Dan (Judan) in their respective styles. They represent more than 300 years combined experience as Senseis in Okinawan traditional “old school” systems.

The US Rengokai is a new concept outside the mainstream of Okinawa, and is in its infancy. Nevertheless, all great things must start with concepts and planning, and work from the bottom up. The organization will gradually expand in numbers, and eventually have more Okinawan martial arts styles represented as members and on the Board of Directors.  

The future of Okinawan karate and kobujitsu depends on the continued ability of its senior Senseis to carry the torch and pave the way. This includes the many qualified Senseis who are not teaching on Okinawa.  The US Rengokai will do its part by providing a medium of unity so that all who wish to continue to preserve the purity of the Okinawan arts can do so as part of a greater community.

The US Rengokai founding members

Meet the founding members and Rengokai Boar dog Directors.

Kazuo Hoshiyama

Hanshi 10th Dan

Koshinkan Karate Kobudo Kyokai
Hoshiyama Jujitsu

Walter Dailey

Hanshi 10th Dan

Zenshu-Ha Shorinji-Ryu

Larry Hall

Hanshi 10th Dan

Kyan-Te Shorinji-Ryu

Tim Rodgers

Hanshi 10th Dan

Zentokukai Tode

Garry O’Connor

Hanshi 10th Dan

Takahashi-Ha Shuri-Te