Greg Lindquist promoted to 10th Dan

As its first official function, the US Rengokai promoted Greg Lindquist to Hanshi 10th Dan on July 13th, 2018.

Hanshi Lindquist is Taika Oyata’s longest continuous student and the only living student with express written permission from Taika to give rank in his (Taika’s) Art. Lindquist Sensei is the founder of Zensekai Karate Kobudo Rengokai and Kuzushi Te in order to carry on Taika Oyata’s Life Protection Art and Oyata Kobujitsu.

The idea of this well-deserved promotion began upon the discussions between Manny Agosto (a student of Mr. Lindquist) and Angel Lemus (VP of the Zentokukai) regarding Mr. Lindquist being the successor of Taika Oyata.  The idea of a promotion was discussed with all the founding members of the US Rengokai and every one was unanimously in agreement to proceed.  This was the basis for creating the US Rengokai and the sit was formed to provide a formal venue for this event and to look forward.

Countless hours were spent by many individuals secretly in the background including Glenn Wuenstel (a student of Mr. Lindquist), leading up to July 13th, where the ZKKR was having a scheduled training meeting among its teachers and sr members in Merriam Kansas.  Glenn Wuenstel and Manny Agosto set it up so that the presentation would be given first thing on the opening day.

Mr. Lindquist had no idea this was about to happen and was taken by surprise, in fact only four members of the ZKKR knew about this and everyone else was as surprised as Mr. Lindquist nevertheless very happy and emotional about Hanshi Lindquist’s recognition and deserved promotion.

Hanshi Lindquist is now the 6th Member of the US Rengokai Board of Directors. Congratulations Hanshi Lindquist and we all look forward to your continued success in preserving Okinawan Karate and Kobujitsu side by side with those who have the same goals and ideals.

Manny Agosto holds the diploma as Glenn Wuenstel explains what is happening to Hanshi Lindquist. L-R: Kyoshi Joe Krystofik, Renshi Manny Agosto, Renshi Glenn Wuenstel, Kyoshi Matt Cowen.


Hanshi Greg Lindquist with the US Rengokai diploma for his 10th Dan ranking. The other 5 framed documents are testimonials from the 5 founding members of the Rengokai stating that they in fact endorsed and took part in this promotion.


A historic and very emotional event.